Poetry Competition

Prizes for Every Entry!!

Your PTA hope you might like to join in some fun by entering our brand new Poetry writing competition. We are looking for creative work from clever kids (likeYOU!) and there are prizes for every one who enters! There will also be books and vouchers as prizes for the winner and runner up in each year group. Moreover, winning entries will be displayed as part of a walking trail for the community to enjoy – more details to follow.

The rules are simple…

  • Use your year group’s topic word as a launchpad for your response.
  • Produce a poem that fits onto an A4 piece of paper or card. You may illustrate/decorate it if you would like to, bearing in mind that it must be able to be easily hung on a wall for dis play.
  • It must be your own original work.
  • Closing date for entries is 25/03/21

How will we judge the winners? The PTA is pleased to announce that we have a number of University of Oxford lecturers willing to judge the poems/artwork. [None of the judges has children currently in our school].They will be looking for the following:

  • Originality and flair
  • Thoughtful response to the topic word given to your year group
  • Effective and purposeful use of language features (where appropriate)
  • Skilful execution of artwork (where appropriate)

The topics are as follows:

  • Reception (EYFS): Colour
  • Year 1: Excitement
  • Year 2: Growth
  • Year 3: Comfort
  • Year 4: Time
  • Year 5: Energy
  • Year 6: Wonder

If you would like some ideas of how to get started then please do make use of the ‘Ideas and Tips’ document.

Best of luck from all the PTA committee.