PHIL & JIM'S PTA Committee Members

PHIL & JIM’S PTA Committee Members

Committee Members & Trustees of the Charity
PTA Co-Chairs:
Jacqueline Morrison and Lara Stokes
Adriana Obloj
Karin Bagge
Class Rep Co-ordinator:
Kate Strakey
Sponsorship Co-ordinators: 
Angus Hunter
Communications Co-ordinator:
Ramon Granell
Community & Church link:
Eva Walters

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I am Jaqueline Morrison. I have a six year old daughter in year 2 at Phil and Jims and a younger child who is three.

Lara Stokes ———————————————————————————————-

I am Eva Walters. I am married to Daniel Walters who is the Associate Priest at St Margaret’s Church. We have 2 sons, in year 5 & 3.  I have only recently moved to the area & so have just joined the PTA, where I will be acting as the community & church link. I’m hoping that we can continue build on the existing relationship with St Margaret’s and perhaps look at exciting new ways to work together that will benefit the school community. 

Kate Starkey – Class Rep Coordinator
Returning from living abroad for 7 years Kate has a daughter in Year 2 and a son at The Dragon. She runs an eco Interior Design firm called Olive Green Interiors and is setting up an eco soft-play and cafe business. Kate has volunteered as class rep at her children’s 2 previous schools and enjoys getting involved in events and fundraising.

I am Angus Hunter. I have been living in Oxford for over 15 years. I came originally to do a PGCE in Primary Education, interestingly with my final school placement being within Phil and Jim’s. I then went to off teach in London before moving back to the local area. I now have two children, Alasdair currently in Year 2 and Rosie looking forward to starting school next year.

I am Karin Bagge and moved to Oxford from Stockholm with my family in autumn 2021. I look forward to contribute to the PTA and the great school our kids go to. In the PTA I am the Secretary.

I am Ramon Granell, Communication Responsible. My son, Joaquin, is currently in year 2. I joined the PTA in 2019 to help with the communication channels (mainly the website). I am originally Spanish but living in Oxford since 2008.