PHIL & JIM'S PTA Committee Members

PHIL & JIM’S PTA Committee Members

Committee Members & Trustees of the Charity
PTA Co-Chairs:
Jacqueline Morrison, Hester O’Donnell and Sara Tindall
Adriana Obloj / Cid Dixon
Joanne Bowlt
Class Rep Co-ordinator:
Anna Nileshwar
Sponsorship Co-ordinators: 
Lisa Peto / Beatrice Brown
Communcations Co-ordinator:
Ruth Nossek

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I am Sara Tindall. It is a pleasure to support the Phil and Jim’s community as a member of the PTA. I lived in the Far East until I was 18, which makes me a third culture kid. I know what it’s like to have to adjust to living the UK, so I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about queuing, driving etiquette, and why your neighbours are so obsessed about parking and bins. 

I am Eva Walters. I am married to Daniel Walters who is the Associate Priest at St Margaret’s Church. We have 2 sons, in year 5 & 3.  I have only recently moved to the area & so have just joined the PTA, where I will be acting as the community & church link. I’m hoping that we can continue build on the existing relationship with St Margaret’s and perhaps look at exciting new ways to work together that will benefit the school community. 

I am Joanne Bowlt. I am married to Tim Nicholson. We have 2 sons, our eldest is in year 7 at Cherwell and our youngest is in year 4 at Phil & Jim’s.I am the PTA Secretary – I joined the PTA in 2018 because I want to help others feel part of a community at the school.  I take the minutes of meetings and help with all the PTA activities.  I am also an Associate Member of the Governing Body. My passion is creating a positive future for our children by working to green our world in any and every way we can. #parentsforfutureoxford #teachersforfutureoxford

I am Chris Herzog, Communication Responsible. I actually have two sons, one in year 2 and one in year 6. We came to Oxford from the New York area in the Winter of 2018

I am Ramon Granell, Communication Responsible. My son, Joaquin, is currently in year 1. I joined the PTA in 2019 to help with the communication channels. I am originally Spanish but living in Oxford since 2008.