Sat 22nd June: Fete Day! We need you!

We are in the final stretch of fete preparations, and it is gearing up to be GREAT! As always at this stage, we desperately need your help to pull this off.  (If you’ve missed the date then it is Saturday 22nd June from 12-3pm.)

Volunteer Shifts

If you can help with any of the following time slots on Saturday, please do email and let us know, or tell one of our Fete/PTA Committee members when you see them at the school gates. These blocks are an hour long, but if you can do 30 minutes please do. We need every bit of help we can get!

  • 10-11am:  Setting up tables and gazebos
  • 11am-12pm:  hanging bunting, getting games ready, etc.
  • 12-1pm:  helping at a stall/game or the front gate
  • 1-2pm:  helping at stalls/gate
  • 2-3pm:  helping at stalls/gate
  • 3pm til whenever you can stay:  helping put the school back together for Monday!!

A few reminders for what else happens in the next couple of weeks:

Talent Show

Wednesday 19th is the last day for children to sign up to be in the talent show. 

Please sign up for the Talent Show via this link:
… and let us know what your child’s talent is and what they’ll be performing!

Parents, if you already know your child is going to perform, and they have music they need, please send one of the following as soon as possible to Becky Fishman at

  • A Spotify link to your song
  • A YouTube link to your song, OR
  • An MP3 of your song

Getting the music in advance REALLY helps things move along smoothly on the day! Children who have signed up to perform will get a “Call Sheet” in their book bags on Thursday with a reminder about music and an approximate window of performance time. 

Raffle Tickets

Raffle tickets will be sent home this week if you can return them into the school by Thursday 20th June, either in an envelope to the office or to the fete committee at the school gates. Please return them with the cash if you want them or simply return them if you don’t. We will sell more tickets on the day. There are some AMAZING prizes on offer this year!

Plants, Bottles and Cakes

We appreciate all the bottles we have already seen popping up in the classrooms and front office. Plant seedlings and cakes can be dropped off with the fete committee at the school gates all week or brought directly to the big event on Saturday.

Whatever the weather…

Remember: we are ALWAYS hoping for a sunny or dry day where we can enjoy this festive gathering outside, but should the rain pull us indoors, the FETE WILL GO ON!

Thank you for all of your help and support and we will see you on Saturday for a fun day at Phil & Jim!

Your PTA & Fete Committee