CHANGE OF DATE for SWISH-TIME: Sat 10th Nov @ 7.30pm

It’s SWISH-TIME again! But we’ve changed the date so as not to clash with any bonfire night celebrations.

Women of Phil & Jim: Join us again to spruce up your wardrobe in aid of our PTA!

Following on from the success of last year’s event, we will be holding another SWISHING (clothes-swap) event at school on Saturday 10th November from 7.30pm. (Please note change of date!)

New to swishing? IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

Here is how it works: you bring pre-loved items from your wardrobe (in good condition that you’d be proud to pass on) and in turn, you will be able to choose some new-to-you items (brought by fellow party goers) to take home. Everything that everyone brings will be up for grabs – you don’t nee

d to swap with anyone in particular, just wander round with a glass of wine and nibbles and see what takes your fancy. Those tops of yours that no longer excite you might just be someone else’s cup of tea, and vice versa!

There will be a £5 fee to participate in the swish, and a small fee to pay per item you wish to take away. Look for more details on ticket buying in the coming weeks!!

And for more info on swishing, please have a look at this link, or ask Allison Hood or Maya Little – it really is exciting and fun!!

‘New’ clothes + supporting PTA = WIN WIN!!

Please note:

· Everyone who comes needs to bring at least one quality item of clothing, pair of shoes, accessory, or outerwear in good condition and worthy of a swap – no old, washed out t-shirts please.

· We will not have capacity to do anything with items that are not taken, so punters should be prepared to take back home any of their unswished items at the end of the evening.

· Note that this event is for women’s quality attire only; no men’s, children’s, or home wares.