Fundraising update: December 2017

We’ve raised a great amount for our children so far this year, and combined with the hard work of the previous years’ committee and your continued efforts, we are primed to do some really great things for our kids in 2018 and beyond!

As we close out 2017, we wanted to give you a small update on the great projects we’ve been able to fund so far this year, as the coffers have been building up since the Mound was completed at the end of the 2016/17 school year.

Pink Courtyard

Though final plans have been slow moving, due in no small part to the school admin change this year, the PTA have ringfenced £5000 for some much-needed improvements to this area for KS1 children.

EYFS Equipment

The PTA will also be funding £500 of improvements to the EYFS outdoor and wet areas to improve and enrich this environment for our youngest students.


Thanks to £450 from the PTA, Year 6 students will now have access to some ace robotics equipment to build on their engineering education.
Additionally, the PTA have agreed to fund a further £1300 of science equipment to benefit students across the school.


And saving the most exciting for last, the PTA have agreed with Ms. Awuye to embark on a major project to re-do the Astroturf and the outdoor lighting, improving the facilities not only for our students, but making Phil & Jim an attractive neighbourhood hub for community sport outside of school hours. Keep an eye out early in the new year for updates on both the plans for the project, and our plans for fundraising.

Your PTA Committee