Swish Time: this Saturday > What you need to know

Only a few days to go before your wardrobe refresh in aid of Phil & Jim PTA!!

Tickets are £5; available in the school office and on the day.

Ahead of the swish, we’d like to share some key information with you about the evening.  Looking forward to this evening of clothes swapping for a good cause!

What to bring on the evening

Items to swish (swap)
Please bring as many items as you wish to the swish – the more items there are to swish, the more choice there will be for everyone!  Remember that ALL womenswear is welcome – any type of clothing, accessories (jewellery, scarves, hats, handbags, etc.), shoes, coats, sportswear … anything you can wear, really.

The only rule is that although the items you bring will be unwanted by you, they should be in a good wearable condition for others to take home if so desired (no holes, stains, or excessive wear, please).

Please bring your items on hangers – we will have some extra from the NNS to share, but cannot guarantee enough to go around.  You will certainly be able to take your hangers back at the end of the evening (clothes will be swapped, but hangers shouldn’t be!)

There will be a small charge of £1 per item that you wish to take away, and wine/soft drinks will be available for sale.  We will also have some complimentary nibbles 🙂

How the evening will work

Arrive from 7.30pm onwards
Time to put your items on rails, wander around to look at the items available for swishing to see what you like, get a glass of wine and some nibbles, and have a chat.

Swishing from about 8.30pm
The swish will officially begin around 8.30pm, with everyone able to pick up/try on items that they are interested in.  We will have a number of accordion walls and mirrors set up to aid trying on.
Remember that you are able to pick up anything that is of interest to you – there are no rules around swapping with a particular person, or swapping a particular number of items.

At the end of the evening
Pay £1 for each item you choose to take home – all money raised from ticket sales, item sales, and drink sales will go straight to our PTA.

If you brought items that are NOT taken away by others at the end of the evening, they need to be taken home by you on the night, as we won’t have capacity to do anything with them.

If there are any questions about the Swish, please feel free to get in touch with Allison on 07469 259510.