Phil & Jim PTA Committee Roles

Each September at our Annual General Meeting (AGM), the PTA Committee members are nominated and voted in to their roles.  Should you wish to nominate yourself or someone else for one of the Committee Roles for the 2016/2017 Academic year, please do contact us with your nomination.

PTA Committee meetings are held once a month, generally the first week of the month.  There are general (open) PTA meetings each term.

Committee Roles

The members of the Phil & Jim PTA Committee manage the PTA on behalf of all the members.  As our PTA is a registered charity with the Charity Commission, all the elected committee members are Trustees of the association (charity) and have a legal duty to ensure that the association (charity) acts lawfully and is managed properly.

Chair/Co-Chair:  The Phil & Jim PTA Chair (currently shared by two parents as Co-chairs) is responsible for overseeing meetings, managing communication to parents, acting as liaison between the parent members of the PTA and the school administration,  and organizing social and fundraising events.  The Chair works closely with the Headteacher and other committee members to ensure that all business related to the management of the PTA is run according to the principles set by PTA-UK.  Every September at the AGM, the Chair will present a Chair Report detailing what the PTA accomplished during the previous academic year.

Treasurer:  Our PTA Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the bank account/financial records, managing and paying any invoices/expenses, writing/co-signing cheques, counting and depositing any money raised, collecting cash floats for events, sending invoices to donors, preparing year-end accounts, filing necessary paperwork with the Charity Commission, and liaising with our Independent Auditor.   At the AGM in September, the Treasure will present a Treasury Report to detail the accounts from the previous academic year.

Secretary:  The PTA Secretary is responsible for preparing agendas, recording attendance and taking notes at meetings, writing up and distributing minutes from meetings, and helping other Committee members with the organization/planning of events.

Project Coordinator:  A new position to our PTA Committee in 2015/16, the Project Coordinator works closely with the school Business Manager and Headteacher to ensure that any projects that PTA has voted to fund come to fruition.  This could mean making phone calls, setting appointments and getting quotes from businesses, landscapers, computer companies, etc.

Class Rep Coordinator:  The Class Rep Coordinator (CRC) is responsible for ensuring that each classroom has a class rep (or two) shortly after the start of the new academic year and will recruit as needed.  The CRC will act as the administrator of, manage the cake sale booking list, organize coffee mornings for the class reps, and act as a guide throughout the school year to all the individual class representatives.

Non-Committee Roles

Email Coordinator:  New in 2015/2016, our PTA broke this part of the Class Rep Coordinator’s role apart and enlisted one parent who was responsible for managing the parent email roster.  The Email Coordinator will work closely with the Chair and Secretary to manage the PTA email ( and send regular emails to parents.

Website Manager:  The PTA Website Manager is responsible for maintaining and updating the PTA website.  He/she will keep the domain registered, manage emails/passwords, update the calendar and work closely with the Chair to keep the information on the website up to date.

Class Representatives:  Each classroom will have 1-2 parents act as a representative for all the parents in that particular class.  This means acting as a liaison between the classroom teacher and the parents, sending important updates, information and reminders to the class via, organizing social events such as coffee mornings or drinks out, gathering volunteers for cakes sales and other PTA events, and perhaps organizing class contributions towards end-of-year or Christmas teacher gifts.

Volunteers:  All parents and carers of children at Phil & Jim are members of the PTA.  The fun social and fundraising events that we hold could not be possible without the help of each and every member.