Have a fantastic summer!

We just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all the support you’ve given to the PTA and the school over the last year. We’ve raised lots money for the school, but most importantly had lots of fun and special moments along the way! We couldn’t do it without you. Before we all depart, we just have a few important notices.

Parent Skills – can you help the school next year?

We have been asked by Ms Conway to co-ordinate a list of skills that parents (or relatives) of children in school would be willing to share and bring to the school – from parents’ jobs, hobbies or background. It could be that your job would make an interesting talk to particular year groups – so accountancy may not be the obvious talk for your child’s class in Year 1, but would be really interesting for Year 6. Perhaps you’re a keen gardener and wouldn’t mind giving up a couple of hours to help maintain and improve the school grounds? Do you run a business? If you’re in IT, could you help with selecting computers or telling pupils about coding. Can you talk about another culture? Do you sing, dance or play an instrument?

Parents have in the last few months kindly helped the school with various projects –  its new signage and design of the logo, finding contractors for Summer building projects, talking about their religion, selecting a brilliant new PA system, coaching netball club, talking to Foundation about working in hospitals and so on and we would love to extend that.

If you can help, please email philandjimspta@gmail.com with a brief description of what you can offer and we will pass those onto the school in the new term.

New PTA Committee role – Project Co-ordinator

We’ve raised lots of money and there are plans afoot to spend it! To this end, we would like to add a new position to the PTA Committee – Project Co-ordinator. The role would be to liaise with the school and PTA on some of the large-scale/impact project that our fundraising will help to facilitate in the next 12-18 months and beyond such as the mound, the upgrades to the Blue Courtyard and the EYFS playground, and ultimately the triangle when the transfer happens.

Someone with relevant experience who can really help to move these projects forward, organise, work with the school’s budget and get competitive quotes from contractors etc would be ideal.

If you think this is something that is interested in, talk to one of the committee members or email philandjimspta@gmail.com.

Class Reps 2015/16

As you know, Class Reps are an essential part of the fabric of the school. The role involves formation of class lists (after EYU, mostly a question of copying and pasting and keeping your eye out for new parents!), cake sales (usually 3 times a year) and then occasionally organising social gatherings (coffee mornings or pub nights) and gifts for teachers via class collection.

Are you interested in being a class rep for your new class? If so, please contact Emma, Class Reps Co-ordinator at emmadadson77@gmail.com.


The PTA Annual General Meeting will be held on Wednesday September 16th 2015 at 8.15pm after the EYFS and Year 4 Curriculum Evenings. Do come! There will be wine and nibbles and Co-Chair and Treasurer reports and an opportunity to provide input for our plans for 2015/16!

Leaving the School?

There are some families who will be saying goodbye to Phil and Jim both from Year 6 and elsewhere in the school, as families head for pastures new. If you are leaving, please do let us know by responding to this email so we can take you off the PTA list.


It’s never too late to register for Easyfundraising. We have 80 parents actively raising money this way, and we would love for many more to join as it is does raise money for the school incredibly easily! It costs you nothing and so far this year has raised over £1,250 for the school. Two parents have separately raised over £200 just by making purchases they would have made anyway. Follow the links below in our signature to register.

New and returning events for next year

We have talked at our last meeting about having a social event for parents in early October and will be busy making plans for this over the Summer. We have also agreed to run the Promises Auction again in March 2016. If any parent would like to run the Promises Auction do let us know!

That’s it! Have a wonderful Summer!

From Jen, Lara, Tania, Lisa and Emma