Lost Property

School has asked us to explain the system with lost property so that you have the best chance of being reunited with your child’s things.

Throughout the week, found items are placed in the lost property bins in each wet area. It is worth checking all of them if you are searching for something in particular. There is also a lost property bin in the after school club/nursery and any clothing left outside in the playground at break/lunch/after school will generally end up here – so, for example, it won’t necessarily be in the lost property bin in your child’s colour area if it was dropped at lunchtime outside. Every term the bins will be emptied and items displayed on rails in the Lilac courtyard for the first week or so of the next term. After this time, unclaimed items will be donated to charity (or sold at the nearly new sale).

Named items should usually be returned to the child. Please try and name everything. It really makes it much more likely that items will be returned to your child.

There are links on the Support us page of this website of a couple of companies that make good iron on, sew on, or clip on tags.