A letter from your Co-Chairs

Dear Parents,

With term two coming to an end and the holidays upon us, we wanted to take this opportunity to wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year!
Our PTA has had a pretty impressive start to the school year.  On a fundraising standpoint, we have already raised more than £3,500!  We are on track for a stellar year!  Yet this year we have strived to give back more.  There have been several cake sales for charity, and our International Evening was a huge success, the proceeds of which will help the Tinis School in South Africa get their much needed borehole.
But don’t think we work so hard to raise those funds without spending it on awesome things for our children; we have been putting it to good use!  At the beginning of the school year, the PTA gave each classroom £100 to get supplies and resources for the students.  We met numerous times with Ms Conway, Mr Bushel, Ms Owen and Ms Wortley to decide what to do about the maths investment, finally deciding to go with Numicon and MyMaths.  And on Wednesday we invited a special guest to the school, Santa Claus himself!  He gave (with some help from us!!) each child in the EYFS through year 2 a special gift, and we made sure that the children in years 3-6 received one as well!
We are blessed to have so many generous and talented parents on our team. Many thanks to all the class reps, who keep us organised and informed.  Thank you to Ruth Nossek for getting our amazing new PTA website up and running.  Thank you to Joy Weideman, for designing a beautiful school calendar once again and to Laura Woolnaugh for the fabulous photography.  Thanks to Mimli Roychoudhury and Sonia Awan for their hard work on the International Evening.  Thank you to Lisa Guppy for all she has done for us time and time again, but most recently her work on the Christmas Cards and Christmas Bazaar!  Thank you to Camille Hallo for creating such a beautiful grotto for Santa when he visited this week, and finally to Maribel Jimenez for all she has done over the years to create such a fun and festive shopping experience for our children at the Christmas Bazaar.
Last but not least, we want to thank you.  Thank you for all the cakes, both making them and buying them.  Thank you for the drinks nights and coffee mornings, for setting up and clearing up at events, for reading all our emails and sending artwork for Christmas cards, donations for the bazaar, and buying the amazing new calendar.  But most importantly, thank you for your time. We couldn’t do what we do and put on the amazing events that we do without all of your help!
Merry Christmas!  We look forward to all good things in 2015!
All the best,
Jen Ingham and Lara Stokes, PTA Co-Chairs