Fundraising update: 2013-2014

Here is an update on all the wonderful fundraising that took place last year!

  • £3300 at the Charity Auction, thanks to the support of parents, teachers and the generosity of our local businesses. Thanks to Camille, Joy and Sophie the auction was enjoyed by lots of parents and teachers.
  • £495 from the Christmas Bazaar. The children really enjoyed doing their own
    Christmas shopping while raising money for the school. Lots of parents came to help make the bazar a success and a special thanks to Lisa, Maribel, Camille and all the team who made this event a success.
  • £ 1748 from the school calendar. The beautiful calendar is used and enjoyed all year long by children, parents and teachers. A special thanks to Joy for the design, Jill for the admin and Laura for the pictures.
  • £335 from the beautiful Christmas cards your children made. The Xmas cards show the talent, creativity and originality of Phil and Jim students.
  • ca £1800 from class cake sales. Money raised from cake sales go straight to the classroom so the teachers can buy what they need. Thanks for all you do to make each cake sale a success!
  • £330 from our link with Amazon. When you access Amazon through the PTA website, our school gets a percentage of the sale!
  • £1110 from the Quiz Night. The quiz orchestred by our quiz masters James and Matt is always a highlight in the school life and enjoyed by more than 100 parents and teachers. This year, Ruth for the Jericho Café provided the delicious lasagna served by Lisa, Sophie and Jill.
  • £476 from the Mother’s Day Breakfast organized in style by Florence. This tremendous figure wouldn’t have possible without the donations of local companies.
  • £2265 from the Nearly New Sale. The NNS was reintroduced and given a new life thanks to the incredible tenacity of Jen, Lara, Emma, Mel, Sarah, Gemma and Delia.
  • £ 6223 from our Summer Fete adore by the children. A huge THANK YOU to Jill and Lisa who pulled all the strength to make the fete a really enjoyable time for our children.
  • £2000 from a very generous donator.

With the money we have raised thanks to your contributions, effort and ongoing support and generous donor, the PTA has been able to contribute:

  • £2500 for a new book scheme programme called Project X. This is an amazing new character adventure series that really engages today’s readers and supports phonic skills, comprehension and language enrichment for all pupils including struggling readers.
  • £1600 for Mathletics an inspiring and engaging online platform that can be used at school and home for improving and reinforcing maths skills.
  • £2000 for our new kitchen that has been used and enjoyed all year round by the children.
  • £2000 for the nurture shed to help even further the children with special educational needs. The shed will provide an environment dedicated to suit the needs of all at Phil and Jim.
  • £1300 for the school bus.

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to the monies raised last year.